MOMENT Exhibition, 18-25 September 2008 - Lanchester Gallery - Graham Sutherland Building - Coventry School of Art & Design - Coventry University


Transience is the experience of here and now, a brief interaction with a surface that would normally be ignored. Movement and projection art combine into a new media art project, and invites you to become a transitory part of the space by leaving a temporary stamp of your presence, captured for a few brief seconds, onto a surface which would otherwise be unused. This representation presents itself in a fleeting form resembling a bar code, to create an image that is both abstract and present; it is so completely “of the instant”, it becomes an ephemerality as it fades away.

Once the image fades, it has gone, just as each second that we have in time is unique. No two projections will be the same twice, as identities can be shared and fused, dependent upon movement, distance and light. Transience invites you to reflect playfully upon your own identity, and to view your own presence a space which might so easily remain unnoticed, before it disappears, thus reminding us that everything in life is finite.

Reza Mosavian

Reza Mosavian

Creative Designer