MOMENT Exhibition, 18-25 September 2008 - Lanchester Gallery - Graham Sutherland Building - Coventry School of Art & Design - Coventry University

Steadily, Constantly, Always

The three-screen video installation 'Steadily, Constantly, Always' is an exploration in the murky grey area between the moving image and the still image. This pensive - almost meditative - piece documents an event that wouldn't exist without the documentation. The event depicted in the work is of enormous scale and importance: as grand as the war of the ants, as epic as the chariot race of the Sun across the sky; and, at the same time, as trivial, miniscule and common.

The role of this piece is to act as a pointer for us: firstly it brings to our attention the event, and secondly it is pointing out our need to have things pointed out for us. And what could be more appropriate for the task than an artwork created with a camera, a tool for seeing?

Inari Porkka

Inari Porkka

Media Artist