MOMENT Exhibition, 18-25 September 2008 - Lanchester Gallery - Graham Sutherland Building - Coventry School of Art & Design - Coventry University


Memeplicity is a new media installation about the evolution of culture in a limited artificial environment. Memes encoded into shadow entities brings on fragments of intra cultural evolution. The visitor will encounter shadow beings on a two-dimensional plane. Their reaction to the shadows action, is the vessel which lets the developing memes travel through time. The visitor becomes a part of this evolutionary process and are essential to it's progress. As long as there is an observer, or someone being subject to the meme, it will continue it's indefinite evolution.

A meme is a piece of information which strive to replicate itself and evolve. Memes drive human evolution and makes us adapt to them. Memeplicity strives to contain memes forming through a action-reaction chain with replicated shadow generations. The idea of the Meme was first perceived by Richard Dawkins in "The Selfish Gene".

Eivind Arnstein Johansen

Eivind Arnstein Johansen

Designer &
New Media Artist

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