MOMENT Exhibition, 18-25 September 2008 - Lanchester Gallery - Graham Sutherland Building - Coventry School of Art & Design - Coventry University


Ascension is about pausing, reflecting time, and becoming part of the environment and part of the dark space, rising beyond personal memories, helping the viewer to experience the duration of the work by forcing stillness, trying to link the past with the present in order to explore what one can hear, while taking in these extremely slow images. Images that isolate the moment bringing the spiritual significance to life, giving back the memory that has been lost in the constant cycles of change.

The Spiritual cleansing will be expressed through the language of the body endurance to the extreme of withdrawal from the outside world, as a condition for self knowledge. By being in the space, the viewer will be aware of the projection’s presence that captured images as a memory from the past.

Maiada Aboud Salfiti

Maiada Aboud Salfiti

Media Artist